New Moon Coffeehouse

Twenty-Nine Seasons of live music, and counting!

Since 1988, the New Moon Coffeehouse has been providing a welcoming venue for you to relax and enjoy live musical performances by new and established singer-songwriters in the wide variety of genres and styles called "folk music".

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Past Shows

Below is the complete list of past performances. We include season posters (suitable for framing). For some of the earlier seasons, we don't have copies of the posters. If you happen to have saved one, could you scan and email it to us so we can share it? All effort has been made to avoid errors or omissions - but we're only human. We've tried to keep the artists' website links updated, but with the dynamic nature of the web, some of these links may be outdated. We'll appreciate any updates or corrections you can provide. In fact, if you happen to spot ANY typos, errors or omissions, please post a comment on our Facebook page, or email us at so we can keep this listing as accurate (and helpful) as possible.

Jay Ungar and Molly Mason   (plus afternoon fiddle workshop)
April 2010
Geoff Bartley   (Geoff filled in for Paul Rishell and Annie Raines)
March 2010
February 2010
November 2009
September 2009

No Season Poster Available
November 2004
October 2004

14th season
No Season Poster Available
Ryan Thomson & the Crawdad Wranglers 12th Annual Cajun Fest
March 2003

No Season Poster Available
June 1997
Patty Griffin with Kenny Girard at Bradford College
May 1997
Greg Brown with Dean Stevens performance sold out!!! [300+]
April 1997
Ryan Thomson & the Crawdad Wranglers 7th Annual Cajun Fest
February 1997
November 1996
September 1996

No Season Poster Available
Jay Mankita  Family concert
March 1996
Ryan Thomson & the Crawdad Wranglers 6th Annual Cajun Fest
March 1996
Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer Children's concert
February 1996
February 1996
The Nields with Ratsy at Bradford College
February 1996
January 1996
November 1995

No Season Poster Available
Fred Small solo performance
June 1995

No Season Poster Available
June 1994
No concert due to snow...
February 1994
January 1994
November 1993
October 1993

No Season Poster Available
February 1993
January 1993

No Season Poster Available
April 1990
March 1990
January 1990
October 1989
September 1989

No Season Poster Available
OPEN MIKE hosted by Seth Blair
December 1988